The activities in which our firm and our staff specialized during the years are various, perfect to satisfy the increasing and peculiar requests of the clients.
Officine Caldera S.r.l. begun with the simple assistance for the electonic features, but then it added the mechanical repair, the diesel vehicles assistance and the recurring servicings. On those fields the bound enlargement brought us to a high-level developement and specialization.
That is not it. Our activity, which was focused on cars at the very beginning, progressively considered other means of communications, as the light transport vehicles, commercial vehicles, lorries with mass superior to 3.500 Kg, trailers and buses.
The recurring servicing part can even operate on motorcycles, moped and quads.
The technological process is constantly developing and also in the automotive field it is basic to keep up with times and never stop to invest into new equipments, creating at the same time also a qualified staff.
Great and important societies make use of our services, and our collaboration arrives to the MERCED BENZ organization.
It would be impossible to exhaust right now such an extensive topic as our complete activity is, but we cannot fail to make a reference to the revolution in the tachograph field, which committed many resources: we are talking about the digital tachographs that will progressively replace the traditional ones. Our structure believes in the need to invest into this field and has obtained the authorization from all the digital machines brands: SIEMENS VDO, ACTIA and STONERIDGE. 
A quick mention to the diesel and common rail repairing, an important winning post that allowed us to become a BOSH and DELPHI level 1.
Then big satisfactions resides on the servicing field, with the possibility to make servicings on vehicles with complete mass superior to 3.500 Kg directly at the client firms themselves, using a mobile certified equipment, or in our structure with four servicing lines.
Last but not least, we would like to remember that the firm Leit Motiv is saving. The reduction of the company costs is essential both for the society and for the clients.

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