Officine Caldera S.r.l. effects its activity on the repairing sector, maintenance and servicing of heavy motor vehicles, buses, commercial vehicles and cars.
Throught the implementation of a Management Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 norm, the firm management decided the following goals:

1. to operate in the complete respect of the operative norms, considering the firm safety and the environmental protection;
2. to establish a group strategy that will be adapted to the two existing realities, identifying what is necessary to do, in which way and for whom, to reach a high efficiency level (saving of times and costs) and effectiveness (client final satisfaction);
3. to identify, to inform, to implicate and to form the staff, things that contribute to the established goals achievement, communicating the reached goals;
4. to identify the needs, the expectations and the requests of the clients, to improve the satisfaction level, through a constant investigation made by questionnaires and mailing;
5. to introduce a communication system with the suppliers, to be able to readily answer to any market change;
6. to periodically update the Quality Policy so that it will always satisfy the maintenance needs of the Quality Management System and so that it will always stick to a dynamic and evolving company reality.

Considering what has been communicated so far, it will be essential to obtain the more compelte partecipation of the collaborators to reach and maintain the balance among the actors operating into the Officine Caldera S.r.l. and then between them and both clients and suppliers. Through a company meritocratic system the Management stimulates and boosts systems and initiatives to optimize and to improve its service level.

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