With the CEE 2135/98 and 1360/2002 norms, that turned into the D.M. 11.03.05 and 23.06.05 national laws, the European Commission decided the introduction of those electronic systems that allow to register the driving times and rest times of the vehicle drivers, to improve the law respect.
In the machine shop point of view, we invested many economical and human resources to get the documentation required by the authorities, the control and calibration equipment and the courses for the users of the staff.
Nonetheless, it is satisfactory to offer a 360 degrees assistance for all kinds of digital tachographs of the three producers: ACTIA, STONERIDGE and SIEMENS VDO.


- the driver must own a "driver card" that can be requested at the CCIAA and must be discharged any three weeks through a suitable equipment;
- the firm must own a "firm card" that can be requested at the CCIAA which will be used to discharge the tachographs any three months;
- each new tachograph must be initially activated to operate and it is annually requisite to procede with the recurring calibration.

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